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My name is Karen and I love the bling! I love the challenge of working with affordable materials. I especially like repurposing forgotten pieces of costume jewelry and giving them life in a new design. Its just the right thing to do. Here in my cyber studio is where I will share my techniques and creative inspirations with you.

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Groovy 60's Findings

Take a look at the 60's findings in my etsy shop : vintage jewelry findings

Glamour in the 60's

Those who remember the 60's may recall their hippie days when thin was in a glam was out. My all time favorite girl group of the time was the Supremes. I LOVED their look with the big hair, feather boas and sequin evening gowns. As a musical group they had their ups and downs but they were the picture of glam.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Weekend with Christi Friesen

I was blessed to take a weekend class in southern New Hampshire with the devine Christi in September, 2008. Darleen Bellan of Darbella Designs: http://www.darbelladesigns.com/ was our gracious hostess. Loved her rhinestone skull in the bathroom, LOL!! Darleen is an amazing clay artist in her own right.

I was a little overwhelmed being the newbie surrounded by so many talented artists but learned a lot and a pleasant time was had by all. Here in mid winter I have fond memories of that warm fall weekend.

Here is my own design in the style of Friesen! I have all of her books and her newest publication "Polymer Clay and Mixed Media" on order. All of Christi's books can be ordered from her site: http://www.cforiginals.net/

Book Review: Vintage Redux-Brenda Schweder

My reviews will be short. Lots of ideas for repurposing your old jewelry, step by step instructions and a gallery of artists work. Great pics and easy to follow instructions. Available on Amazon.com

Soaring Bird Necklace

This is another necklace I made with my vintage soaring bird piece available in my etsy store.

Photography Tip

I used small clips from the dollar store to hold the necklace on the form while I took the pics.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Helpful Tip-Need Jump Rings?

I use a lot of jump rings in my designs. If you run out you don't have to go out and buy more. Just take a chain link necklace and separate each link using the back and forth method of separating each ring (not opening in/out right?). Oval jump rings seem to hold my pieces more securely on my charm necklaces.

Vintage Bakelite Dice Necklace

The necklace started with a "Lucky 7" charm bracelet that had rhinestone lucky charms in keeping with the theme of the necklace. I added more chain to make the piece necklace length. I added more caged pearls for a more vintage look.

Charm necklaces are popular now and I wanted to share a necklace I made with vintage bakelite dice. According to Wiki: " Bakelite (pronounced /ˈbеɪkɨlaɪt/) is a material based on the thermosetting phenol formaldehyde resin developed in 1907–1909 by Belgian Dr. Leo Baekeland. The retro appeal of old Bakelite products and labor intensive manufacturing has made them quite collectible in recent years." There are many methods for testing the validity of genuine bakelite and I am satisfied that my dice are genuine. The translucence is very pretty when the light shines through.

The dice do not have holes so I drilled a hole with a fine bit on my dremel. I drilled through the the side of the dice that had a center marking like the 1, 3 and 5 side. Hold the dremel and dice firmly while you drill or else your piece may fly across the room or get stuck on the drill. Ask me how I know. I then mounted the dice on an eye pin with decorative vintage findings.