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My name is Karen and I love the bling! I love the challenge of working with affordable materials. I especially like repurposing forgotten pieces of costume jewelry and giving them life in a new design. Its just the right thing to do. Here in my cyber studio is where I will share my techniques and creative inspirations with you.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bail Out Plan

I have lots of pieces that don't have holes or bails that I like to make into pendants such as these gorgeous vintage lucite hearts. Lets add a bail so it can be worn. My favorite is using the double leaf findings (available in jewelry supplies at most craft stores). I wrap the finding around a pencil first so that it fits up and over the heart. I glue the finding in place with just a dab (slightly less than a smidge) of E6000 glue. Make sure no glue squeezes out from under the bail.

Clamp the bail onto the pendant with these cool clamps from the dollar store until the glue dries:

What if you don't have the leaf bails? Just make a spiral with a piece of 28 gage wire:

Book Review-Polymer Clay and Mixed Media

My buddy Christi Friesen has a new book out and she has done it again! Christi shows us how to work art mediums like paper, paint, metal, glass, beads and fiber into our clay designs in terms everyone can understand and pictures that are easy to follow. She shows us how to make those adorable critters and plant life. I've got to make a clay phoenix or griffin soon! Can't wait to see Christi's Birds of a Feather book due out in April, 2009

Helpful Tip-Vaseline Loosens the Glues

We are well into the new year and the bitter cold of winter. Hope you are all getting creative to beat the winter blues. Here's a helpful hint to keep your glue tubes easy to open. You know how the glue gets under the cap and you can never get the cap off again? Wipe a bit of Vaseline around the neck of the tube and you will always be able to unscrew the cap on your E6000 (or any other glue tube or bottle).