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My name is Karen and I love the bling! I love the challenge of working with affordable materials. I especially like repurposing forgotten pieces of costume jewelry and giving them life in a new design. Its just the right thing to do. Here in my cyber studio is where I will share my techniques and creative inspirations with you.

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bail Out Plan

I have lots of pieces that don't have holes or bails that I like to make into pendants such as these gorgeous vintage lucite hearts. Lets add a bail so it can be worn. My favorite is using the double leaf findings (available in jewelry supplies at most craft stores). I wrap the finding around a pencil first so that it fits up and over the heart. I glue the finding in place with just a dab (slightly less than a smidge) of E6000 glue. Make sure no glue squeezes out from under the bail.

Clamp the bail onto the pendant with these cool clamps from the dollar store until the glue dries:

What if you don't have the leaf bails? Just make a spiral with a piece of 28 gage wire:

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