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My name is Karen and I love the bling! I love the challenge of working with affordable materials. I especially like repurposing forgotten pieces of costume jewelry and giving them life in a new design. Its just the right thing to do. Here in my cyber studio is where I will share my techniques and creative inspirations with you.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lady K Jewels Corporate Offices and Creative Studio

Today I thought I would share my creative space and what I fondly refer to as Lady K's corporate offices which actually span 2 rooms in my house.  I love collecting old jewelry findings and yes I occasionally do design and create with the findings I collect. 
Above is my work table which does get over flowing with work in progress as my muse does go in different directions many times.  Now you can see why sometimes I must work on my lap??

Just a few of the many tools, glues and paints I use and I love my dremel station.

One of my favorite places to find cheap tools is Harbor Freight.  I fortunately have a store in my town and I'm there as often as I am at bead shows!! I found this little swivel vice/anvil at HF and use it all the time with my metal work.

OK-So I have acquired quite a stash of stuff!!

Fondly known as "shipping and receiving" at Lady K Jewels-a digital scale I got for cheap at Harbor Freight and works wonders with counting beads and weighing orders!

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Robin said...

Yeah that looks about right. That beading table looks kind of like mine right before a sale. LOL